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Mondo Speaker Large

Mondo Speaker Large

  • Product Details

    The design elements should be clear reminders of our Scandinavian musical heritage. It’s about everything from buttons, switches and controls on the product’s hardware to the unmistakable signature with the cut-off corner on the packaging, a musical language that dates back to the 80’s vinyl record. MONDO have music in their DNA and it follows them all the way from the design draft to artist collaborations. Meet the first speaker – and let the world hear you! At 15 pounds, this piece delivers just what you’ve been missing when it comes to portable sound. With one large driver and 2 trebles, MONDO enable the possibility to have one driver focus on the mids and bass, and the tweeters on the highs. Together with 2 passive bass elements, this boombox will deliver a clear and diversified audio experience as well as a powerful thump that will make sure to keep your neighbours awake. With our Mondo app you can make your own presets and eq settings according to your preference.

  • Specifications

    Bluetooth version: 5.3
    USB-C Charging cable
    Battery capacity: 6000 mAh
    6 Drivers
    3 Passive basses
    Battery time: 8H
    Output Power: 96W @ THD 1%
    Microphone Output
    Charging time: 1,5H
    AuraCast capability
    Weight: 6.48 KG

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